News from Nurse Wells

The number of people with Covid in our community is rising.  Our transmission levels are “High”.  The positive case numbers are at the same level now as they were in November of last year.  And the largest number of people testing positive can be found in the 0-17 year old group.

Please continue to watch for signs and symptoms of Covid.  If you have them, talk with your doctor and follow their advice on the need for a test to confirm it.

If you get a note from the school saying your student was exposed to a confirmed positive case:

  • monitor for symptoms. They can still be in school during this time.
  • Consider testing if your student has symptoms. If you are waiting for test results, the student needs to stay home.

Other things you can do now to slow the spread of the delta variant in schools and in our community:

  • Get vaccinated when you can:  Vaccination is the single most important step you can take for both yourself and our community.
  • Know the symptoms of COVID-19 and get tested if you have a significant exposure or any symptoms.
  • Stay home when sick regardless of whether you think it’s COVID-19.
  • Wear a mask when indoors or when in crowds outside.

We are in this together – please do your part to help our schools and community get through this surge.

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