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Hello from the Nurse’s office!

As most people have heard, the numbers of illnesses in our community are on the rise.  This would include our school community.  We have had several cases of Influenza A and strep throat.

I need your help to keep track of illnesses in our building.

  • If your student is going to be absent, please call the office to tell us why they are absent (515-242-8408).
  • If your student is absent because of illness, it would help to know what symptoms they are experiencing.  It helps me to see what is going on in each classroom and throughout the building in case I need to step up cleaning or education.
  • If your student is diagnosed with an illness (influenza, Strep, Covid, RSV, Pneumonia, etc), it would be helpful to know that as well for the same reason.

Here are some suggestions from Polk County Health Department in regards to rising illness numbers:

  • Increase handwashing
  • Increase classroom and high-touch area cleaning
  • Since most of the illnesses being seen are spread by droplets, please remember to cover coughs and sneezes
  • If anyone has a concern about germs they might have contact with, they can wear a mask

Thank you for your help!

Please click on the links for two documents.  One of the documents compares symptoms for COVID, Cold, Flu, Seasonal Allergies or Asthma.  The other one is letting you know what can be checked at an Urgent Care facility.

Compare Symptoms

Urgent Care Visits


The Garton Wildcats receive a healthy snack every day from the Pick a Better Snack program.  Please click below links to read theMay Newsletter and the May daily comments.  Please ask your Wildcat what the snack for that day was!!!

Pick a Better Snack May Newsletter

Pick a Better Snack May Daily Comments

Here Comes the Bus App

Please click on the below link for instructions on how to download Here Comes the Bus app.  If your student rides the school bus, you will want to have this app on your phone.  Is shows where the bus is at, if it is running late or if there is a different bus number picking up your student.

Here Comes the Bus App Download instructions


Ms Prior, the Orchestra Director here at Garton would like to share her website.  Our 5th Grade students are allowed to play either a band or an orchestra instrument.  Please click on the link to look at the Weebly Orchestra Page.  Click here

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