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Polk County Health Department – COVID Vaccine Letter for students ages 5-11

PCHD Vaccine Letter

Kids and COVID Vaccine

As we look forward to the likely authorization of COVID-19 vaccine for younger kids (ages 5-11) in the coming days, we would like to help you find some trusted sources of information to answer your questions.

KamauBell talks to pediatricians in this great 5 minute video clip.

Johns Hopkins Medicine answers common questions for parents here. answers questions on the science behind COVID-19 vaccines here.

CDC covers all the basics for children & teens here, as well as myths & facts here.

Vaccination of all age-eligible members of your family remains the single most important thing you can do to help slow the spread and reduce the risk of serious illness!  Please step-up and help spread the word.

Where can you find flu or COVID-19 vaccine?  Check out or

Kathleen M. Wells BSN, RN

Here Comes the Bus App

Please click on the below link for instructions on how to download Here Comes the Bus app.  If your student rides the school bus, you will want to have this app on your phone.  Is shows where the bus is at, if it is running late or if there is a different bus number picking up your student.

Here Comes the Bus App Download instructions


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