Garton Elementary School Beliefs 

Garton School will prepare our diverse community of learners for a changing world by empowering them with knowledge and skills necessary to become responsible contributing citizens.

Garton students, families, staff, and community will work together to build a safe, positive learning environment that promotes educational excellence. At Garton, we begin the journey of creating life-long thinkers with cultural sensitivity by focusing on being respectful, responsible, and caring people.

We believe that…

• Garton Elementary School is a safe place.

• All students are capable of learning.

• All students and staff will be treated fairly.

• Education is a team effort; it takes the school, family, and community to ensure success.

• Learning is a life-long process.

• All students and staff are respectful, responsible, and really caring citizens.


Garton School was opened in September, 1958. It was built in response to a vast housing area that sprang up in the 1950s.

The school was named after George L. Garton who was a prominent Eastsider and Board Secretary for Des Moines Public Schools. Garton is located at the corner of East 24th and Hull avenue bearing the address of 2820 East 24th street.

In addition to general education students, Garton also serves students throughout the district with mental and physical disabilities. Special Education, Title I and ELL (English Language Learners) students are integrated in the general education classrooms through the inclusion program. Garton has 4 and 5 sections of grades K-5.   Garton has a population of over 600 students comprised of diverse racial, religious, cultural and socio-economic back grounds.

In 2007, Garton Elementary and Adams Elementary merged to form the new Garton Elementary.